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Pulse. What Next?

13119781_1088841754510321_7291617264558921711_oSoaring corporate profits, reduced profit sharing and staffing and astronomical and always increasing health insurance costs.

Overhead bins imploding our upper bodies. Galleys disfigured. Trip construction for drones who don’t require food or rest.

And now, Delta leaders decide to distribute belittling customer complaints on "Pulse," bafflingly refusing to redact discriminatory insults based on age, inherited accents and body type?


Broken entertainment equipment, diminished personal space, inconceivably small bathrooms all wedged into our former work areas. All critical components of passenger comfort and safety degraded, yet we are expected to “Strive for Five” and win the coveted J.D. Power award.

Double wow!

Increasingly-squeezed customers have little choice but to fight back with disparaging survey comments. Not the most civil or flattering way to react, but from their perspective this is the only voice they have and they’re going to use it while bad feelings are raw. What is wrong with this picture?

It definitely doesn’t have to be this way.

We don’t have to just shut up and serve, to read uncharitable, misdirected comments and go about our business as our “leadership” cooks up even more ways to erode our quality of life at work, disrespect our customers and place the blame on us.

Unionized carriers boost productivity, gain profit and share success without decreasing flight attendant workspace, rest or benefits. They do this because they have a professional business relationship in the form of a negotiated contract, with inherent processes and collaboration that deliver proven results.

They do it respectfully and consistently—AND they win the J.D. Power award, year after year after year. Alaska Airlines and its unionized flight attendants worked together toward that goal and have come out on top again in 2016.

We deserve a seat at the table, a say in our own working environment and the negotiated right to dispute negative commentary before it causes unjust discipline.

This is only possible when we vote to secure IAM as our legal representative at work.
Let’s stop playing by someone else’s rules.

Sign, date, return and self-verify your IAM authorization card today:


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    May 11, 2017 - 11:59 am Reply

    Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges.

    It was definitely informative. Your website is very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • lrother
      May 18, 2017 - 1:32 pm Reply

      thank you!

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