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MythAllisonQ: I just saw a video by IFS VP Allison Ausband and she said that Delta Flight Attendants are being subject to “aggressive solicitation” by other Delta Flight Attendants. Sounds sort of scary. Is this true?

A: No. As you may know, thousands of Delta Flight Attendants support the right to a vote for union representation. However, just to be able to vote, at least 50 percent of all Delta Flight Attendants must sign an election authorization card (a-card). Signing an a-card is NOT a vote for union representation. Signing an a-card only expresses our desire to have the right to vote in a union representation election.

Many Delta Flight Attendants who support the right to have an election are calling each other, talking to their colleagues, emailing their Flight Attendant friends and otherwise contacting them to ask them if they want to have the right to vote. That’s passion. That’s dedication to making Delta a better airline for all of us.

We are very respectful of any of our colleagues who do not want to talk about such matters. In fact, all one has to do is just say they don't want to talk about union representation, or request not to be contacted via mail, phone, email and you will not be (you can do this via The truth is, very few of us have asked not to be contacted.

Sadly, Allison and Delta management will do everything within their control to prevent us from obtaining the right to vote in a union representation election—even if that means casting their own employees, us, in an unfavorable light. It's very unfortunate.

Sign, date, return and self-verify your a-card today so WE can gain the right to vote choose democratically the question of union representation. That's our right.

If you didn't receive an a-card in the mail over the past week, please request one here.

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