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Delta Posts Another Record Profit, Proposes to Slash Profit Sharing Pool by Hundreds of Millions

Delta Airlines Inc. last week announced a $1.6 billion pre-tax profit for the second quarter of 2015, over $200 million more than Q2 2014 and breaking another record.

Not surprisingly, Delta and the pilots cut a deal, which is still on the table, that would slash $350 million a year from our profit sharing pool and hand it over to the pilots and Delta management if Delta earns $6 billion or more. Analysts estimate Delta will earn over the $6 billion threshold in 2015.

Why should the pilots and Delta dictate our future? We need a Voice so we can shape our future!

The facts are not pretty. Delta is by far the industry-leader in financial and operating performance and is second only to unionized Alaska Airlines in customer satisfaction.

Yet, we rank middle-of-the pack in wage rates, have the costliest health insurance among industry Flight Attendants, have no protections from arbitrary discipline and termination and our “work-rules” are really just suggestions.

We will change this with a Voice.

Thousands of Delta Flight Attendants have submitted their new A-cards and we are moving closer every day to achieving our goal of filing for the election we deserve to have.

Remember to sign, date and self-verify your A-card today. Don’t wait.

To request your A-card online, click here.



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