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A-Cards Flying In, Another A-Card On Its Way!

10930187_10206924763740450_5196725327543827249_nDelta Flight Attendants continue to mail in their new, individualized a-cards at a rapid pace and several thousand have already been received and recorded at IAM Headquarters.

IAM Delta this week mailed another individualized a-card to every Delta Flight Attendant with an address on file for those who may have misplaced or lost their first a-card mailed last month.

Be on the lookout for your new a-card and don't forget to sign, date and mail it back. Demand the election that we deserve. Once we have at least 50 percent of all Delta Flight Attendants return their a-cards, we will have the necessary leverage to demand our vote.

We are getting closer and closer every day. Let your a-card be the one that puts us over the top.

If you haven't received your new A-card in the mail, you can request it here.

Still here. Still Right. IAM Signing.

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