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Delta Flight Attendants Waste No Time Signing New A-Cards

FullSizeRender-27Delta Flight Attendants haven't skipped a beat in signing our new, individualized A-cards with today being the largest delivery thus far to IAM Headquarters.

A-cards are coming in faster than they can be recorded. Reports are that several thousand have been received at IAM Headquarters in Washington DC and our demand to gain the right to vote is growing and strong.

To gain the vote we deserve, at least 50 percent of all Delta Flight Attendants must sign their new, individualized A-cards. Don't wait. Sign, date and return your A-card today so we can have the right to vote.

Remember, signing an A-card only means that we want the right to vote. It's not a vote for or against unionization.

If you haven't received your new A-card in the mail, you can request it here.

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