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New A-card, New Day: Please Read This Important Information on the New A-card You Will Receive

Check MarkDelta Flight Attendants will soon be mailed an individualized election authorization card (A-card), with an individual sequence number with a detachable stub to retain for your records. Every single Delta Flight Attendant will have an A-card that can be easily verified and traced by the IAM’s records and with your stub.

The IAM will also implement a system of “self-verification.” To “self-verify,” you would simply send an email to and state that I signed and dated A-card # (sequence number). A photo attachment of your stub could also be added to further verify your card, as could a photo of any kind of identification that you feel comfortable in sharing. You don’t have to use the ID option if you don’t want to, but it would be another layer of validation and a great way to match your specific card to you.

These new procedures will allow Delta Flight Attendants and the IAM to prove to the NMB, if necessary, the authenticity of all A-cards when we again file for our election.

Be on the lookout for your individualized A-card that will be mailed to your home in an IAM Delta envelope (IAM Delta will inform all Flight Attendants of the date of the mailing). Please sign and date your new A-card and drop it in the mail using the postage paid business reply envelope that will be provided.

If every Delta Flight Attendant that previously signed an A-card, and/or was prepared to vote for the IAM, signs a new card we can tell the world that DELTA FLIGHT ATTENDANTS WILL NOT BE DENIED AND WANT TO VOTE!

Still here. Still Right. IAM Signing.

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