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IAM Delta: The Campaign for Justice Continues

LAX-based Delta Flight Attendants were back sitting visibility this morning, as the campaign continues.

LAX-based Delta Flight Attendants were back sitting visibility this morning, as the campaign continues.

Union organizing is not for the faint of heart. It's grueling. It's ugly. Sometimes it's simply agonizingly unfair. But, we know that it's right.

It's right for the Delta Flight Attendants. It’s right for the Delta Ramp. It's right for Boeing South Carolina. It's right for the middle class of our country and it's right for every employed group of people around the world who still don't have a voice.
Yesterday was a very difficult day. But, it’s not “your” fault. It’s not “our” fault. And when we say “your” and “our,” we include the IAM.

We know that after our filing, our assessments proved that an overwhelming majority of Delta employees were ready to vote YES; even Flight Attendants that DID NOT sign a card.

But what to do now?

We keep faith in our majority. Keep the faith in US...the IAM. WE are the IAM. The largest airline Union in North America. The union with the best negotiating track record amongst any Union in the industry. 

We told you about what's happening right now because we have the INTEGRITY to be honest with you.

We have put our hearts, our souls, our lives into this movement and we are not giving up. That sentiment goes for the Delta Flight Attendant leaders and the leaders at IAM headquarters.

We will figure out how to go forward with YOUR help and determination.

We believe in US. We believe in being on the right side of history. We believe that the majority will choose to be heard. We are the IAM and we are Delta Flight Attendants. We will listen, we will learn, we will take a deep breath and continue...but we WILL continue.

We will NOT be silenced.

In Solidarity,

Gabe Perez--DTW
Cindy Allen--MCO
Julianna Helminski--MSP
Victoria Daleo--DTW
Marianne Bicksler--SEA
Elizabeth Joyce--LAX
George McTigue--JFK
Tammy Rustad--MSP, IAM Delta Communications
Mat Trent--ATL, IAM Delta Communications
Adam Denissoff--ATL, IAM Delta Communications
Masayo Tyner--JFK, IAM Delta Communications
Angie Brewer--MSP, IAM Delta Communications

AND thousands of other activists and supporters who support attaining a Voice in our profession!

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