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Delta Reaches Contract Agreement With Steelworkers, Plans on Wrapping Up Negotiations with Pilots Early

Refinery workersDelta Air Lines reached a tentative agreement on a new contract with the United Steel Workers (USW), the union that represents Delta's oil refinery workers, after one month of negotiations.

Delta—in a joint statement with the union—stated, “After a month [emphasis added] of good faith negotiations, we’re pleased that we have reached a tentative agreement on all local issues including wages and benefits.”

Also, in a “2015 Look Ahead” memo to Delta Pilots, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations Capt. Steve Dickson biz_Delta_pilots_Wed_3k_col_t640stated that Delta will widen its lead over the competition by completing contract negotiations with Delta Pilots early. Read the memo here.

Delta Corporate has proven time after time that part of its business strategy is to conclude contract negotiations
with unionized work groups in a timely manner in good faith.

Why would we be any different?

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