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Delta Air Lines Submits Voter Eligibility List to NMB

Delta Corporate this afternoon submitted the names of 20,257 Delta Flight Attendants who the Company believes are eligible to vote in the upcoming representation election to the National Mediation Board (NMB) in Washington DC.

It is now confirmed that 60 percent of all Delta Flight Attendants, an overwhelming majority, based on Delta Corporate's own submission, seek a vote for union representation.

In a post filing message to Delta Flight Attendants, Allison Ausband, speaking on behalf of Delta Corporate, claimed it respected the rights of its Flight Attendants to form a union.

Delta should live up to its word and show the respect it claims to have for its Flight Attendants. If Delta Corporate truly respects its Flight Attendants, it will immediately and voluntarily recognize IAM Delta and commence the negotiations process so we can attain the industry-leading contract that every Delta Flight Attendant deserves.

In the coming days, IAM Delta representatives will review the list to ensure there are no ineligible voters included in Delta Corporate's submission and will ensure any missing eligible voters are included.

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