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IAM Delta Warmly Received in Atlanta

Union-Thugs.FBThe IAM Delta campaign Monday began a week-long effort to reach out to Delta Flight Attendants in Atlanta to answer any Flight Attendants’ questions or concerns and to make preparations for the upcoming representation election.

“The response has been just unbelievable,” said IAM-represented Flight Attendant Melissa Brennan. “We’ve received many new cards and had tons of great conversations with Delta Flight Attendants who are smart, open minded and ready to have a voice in their professional future.”

The IAM Delta campaign began approximately two years ago by hundreds of Delta Flight Attendant activists who began their historic movement to gain collective bargaining rights at the most profitable US airline.

Under federal law, at least 50 percent of Delta Flight Attendants must request that a representation election be held.

If the National Mediation Board (NMB)—a federal agency—determines the requisite “showing of interest” threshold is met, the NMB will conduct a representation election.

Delta Air Lines is strictly prohibited under federal guidelines from ever knowing who has signed an election authorization card.

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