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Delta to Labor Unions: Thank You

NAI AircraftThe AFL-CIO, the largest federation of labor unions in the United States, today hosted a meeting at its headquarters in Washington, DC with the IAM and other affiliates to discuss Norwegian Air Lines’ subsidiary, Norwegian Air International (NAI). The carrier is campaigning to win Department of Transportation (DOT) permission to fly into the United States using aircraft registered in Ireland with Flight Attendants hired in Thailand. Such schemes, known as “flags of convenience,” are common in the maritime industry and utilized to operate under lower safety, security and labor standards.

One surprise guest--a representative from Delta Air Lines.

Mr. Bob Letteney, Delta's Managing Director of Government Affairs, spoke and gave credit to organized labor for its successful work in convincing the DOT to deny NAI’s request for an exemption to be allowed to fly into the US. “You all have done a fabulous job here,” said Letteney. Without the involvement of unions, he said, “This would have been rubber stamped.”

Mr. Letteney also emphasized Delta’s close, collaborative relationship with its pilots union. Since Delta Flight Attendants are not unionized – yet – such a relationship does not exist for us.

Remember Mr. Letteney’s praise for organized labor when Delta Corporate speaks negatively about unions and tries to minimize our power by preventing us from speaking in a unified voice.

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