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Delta Resumes Flights to TLV

Delta Air Lines today resumed flights to TLV amid mounting tensions in the Middle East.

Delta Air Lines today resumed flights to TLV amid mounting tensions in the Middle East.

Amid worsening hostilities, Delta Corporate announced today that it will resume flight operations to Tel Aviv, Israel where Delta Flight Attendants could spend their entire layover in a bomb shelter due to rockets being continually launched into the region.

While there are many Delta Flight Attendants who do not fear flying into hostile regions, there are many of our colleagues who do. Delta Flight Attendants should not receive an accountable absence in our reliability record if we are afraid to fly to Israel, where tensions appear to be escalating on a daily basis. Furthermore, evaluating cases on an individual basis is inappropriate because there is not a guiding and enforceable policy that fosters fairness in application.

With union representation we could develop a mutually agreed upon policy in which Delta and Delta Flight Attendants are treated fairly and respectfully in volatile situations such as current tensions in the Middle East.

For example, where Flight Attendants did have a voice, unionized Flight Attendants developed the “Fear of Flying policy “after the horrific events of September 11, 2001. The policy was designed to support Flight Attendants who were experiencing fear flying to places in which “unusual, typically global events, like 9/11, SARS and BOM ’08” occurred.

The policy’s philosophy was one of caring for those who were experiencing difficulties, and implementing the policy fairly and objectively, while containing safeguards against abuse.

In uncertain times such as the present, it is necessary that we have a voice in developing the policies that have such a big effect on our lives. And, flying into extremely dangerous regions around the world is a case in point.

Sign or renew your election authorization card today so we can have a voice in determining the policies and procedures that affect our lives.

Please read the former “Fear of Flying” policy.

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