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iamdeltacomputergirls-300x250As an IAM member, we'll have a "working agreement" – a legal document that clearly defines our wages, benefits and work rules and conditions. Our "contract"--voted on by us, Delta Flight Attendants, and agreed to by Delta management will offer us a real Voice in determining our collective professional future at Delta Air Lines.

The mission of the IAM has always been clear and unequivocal---to professionally negotiate contracts that guarantee secure, well-paying jobs in safe workplaces free from harassment, intimidation and unequal treatment.

It's our turn for an Industry Leading Contract.

Please review these resources to learn more. Thanks!

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  • tom
    January 25, 2016 - 7:31 pm Reply

    Look into the Zika epidemic and fas who wish to be removed from the trip .Cdc recommend s females of chkld bearing age avoid the areas of Zika. And Deltas policy?Speak to you fsm.

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