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swa-dl-faSouthwest Airlines Flight Attendants this week approved a new two-year contract that includes industry-leading gains in pay rates and a generous lump sum payment. The new deal brings our colleagues to over $68 per hour and to over $73 per hour by the end of the contract. That compares to our present top of scale wage rate of $61.28 with no future scheduled pay increase.

By the start of 2017, among the four major carriers, Delta Flight Attendants will rank last in pay rates. Flight Attendants at Southwest, United and American, at top of scale, all will earn more. The new SWA contract, which went into effect November 1st, also included a 15.9 percent bonus payment.

The 14,500 unionized flight attendants at Southwest ratified the current accord after rejecting a proposed contract last year. The gains achieved by our colleagues were the result of hard-fought negotiations and having a legal right to negotiate and vote on their terms of employment.

James, is it fair that Delta Flight Attendants will rank last in pay among our peers at the major carriers by year's end? Is it justified that we also are offered the most expensive health insurance among our industry peers? Is it acceptable that any and all of our current pay (including profit sharing), benefits and working conditions can be changed by Delta management at any time for any reason without our consent?

Delta management often claims we're the best flight attendants in the industry and they're right; we are committed to ensure Delta's legendary customer service, safety, and reliability are delivered. Despite Delta's continuing record financial success, Delta FAs are not fairly compensated for our contribution to that success. And, there is absolutely no justifiable reason why we should rank last in base pay rates in just a few short weeks.

To change our present condition, which is that we depend on the charity and good will of shrewd businessmen in Delta’s executive management suite, we must form a union of Delta Flight Attendants and gain the legal right to negotiate and vote on the things that affect our lives and the lives of our family members.

Sign, date and return your election authorization card today. Only then can we gain the right to vote to form a union of Delta Flight Attendants.

A View From the Top; James L. Lucas Jr.

james-l-lucasDear Delta Flight Attendant colleague,

I have received the top customer commendation award five times since becoming Delta, six with Northwest Airlines and all while supporting union representation for Flight Attendants.

For me, it has never been about which company I worked for, or what particular "culture" was being promoted. It was always about publicly raising the stature of our Flight Attendant profession by going above and beyond for customers EVERY time, in every possible way, no matter the circumstances.

The positive result is twofold: I feel respected by passengers and fellow crew members, and, most importantly, I help make the company as successful as possible, assuring profits and continued employment in a field of work that I love!

An industry leading, legally binding agreement between Delta Flight Attendants and management would enhance our career with Delta, making it even more secure, and finally giving us a true voice in all aspects of our job.

Who is better qualified to negotiate for Delta Flight Attendants than Delta Flight Attendants? To set safe work rules, health insurance benefits, retirement security and job protection than our very own peer negotiators?

Who better? Those same Delta Flight Attendants backed by the experience, influence and experts of the IAM.

When we elect IAM to represent us, we’ll tap into the organization’s enormous resources and insight, and negotiate the best possible agreement with the country’s most profitable airline. We will gain REAL power and bring it to the table during discussions about our workplace.

With IAM’s help, we will deliver due respect to our profession using the same imagination, innovation and ingenuity we use at work when we turn an impossible situation into a customer commendation! James, we can negotiate a contract that is uniquely ours, lifting our career and setting the gold standard for the industry.

IAM ready to get to work and make this happen. Sign, date, mail and self-verify your IAM card today!


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