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Delta Flight Attendants Campaign Mentioned at 2017 Transportation Conference

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“In spite of these achievements, there is much work yet to be done,” said GVP Pantoja. “We cannot allow ExpressJet to continue delaying a fair agreement for our Flight Attendants, and we will redouble our efforts to finally organize Delta flight attendants and ground workers and JetBlue ground staff. I look forward to celebrating the successful conclusion of these campaigns at our next Transportation Conference.”

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IAM Transportation Supports Delta Flight Attendants

The IAM Transportation Department sends its support to the Delta Flight Attendants who were stranded in terminals throughout the country this past week. Delta’s operational breakdown, and subsequent abandonment of its Flight Attendants, is further proof of the importance of having a union contract. Without the protection a union contract affords, the safety and well-being of flight attendants will continue to be neglected by Delta.

                            SIGN A CARD TODAY AND HAVE A VOICE IN YOUR FUTURE!

Don’t Be Foolish: Protect What We Already Have

hotelsafeWhat’s the BEST thing about Delta’s much hyped April Fools’ Day base pay increase?

Is it that we’re paying for our own raise with the loss of over 50% of our Profit Sharing?

Or that our real hourly rate has inched up only 3.6% in thirteen years?

No. Those facts are NOT the best thing ever. The BEST thing for our group is that NEGOTIATIONS START FROM HERE!

When we begin negotiating our first IAM contract, Delta is bound to preserve all current pay, benefits, and working conditions. We will negotiate improvements to what we currently have.

We simply need to earn a union vote first to lock in our negotiations starting point.

Don’t fool around with our future: sign an IAM card today!

Visit iamdelta.net/acard to request a card online. When it arrives in your home mailbox, sign, date, send, and email verify as instructed on the receipt.

Preserve and protect what we have now, and let’s advance toward an industry leading contract!

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