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Consistency. It’s a Thing.

You know what’s so totally random? Pretty much everything around here.

Will two absences trigger a documented warning? Three? Maybe it’s one. Like everything else, it depends. On the FSM’s record, on the time of year, on who you know.

Without a contract, inconsistency is the rule, not the exception.

Every IAM contract defines a consistent, progressive disciplinary process and grievance procedure. If you’re treated unfairly, your IAM rep files a grievance and the company is required to respond. If that response is unsatisfactory, an independent arbitrator can compel management to make you whole and purge your record.

A clean slate. That’s the power of a union.

Enough randomness already. Let’s build predictability into our first IAM Delta contract.

Renew your card and your commitment. Our time has come.

IAM the Brand.
IAM the Future.
IAM Delta

IAM Stands with Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

General Vice President Sito Pantoja issued the following statement regarding Hurricane Harvey:

“The IAM stands with our sisters and brothers in Texas and Louisiana who are suffering from the catastrophic flooding caused by this once in a lifetime hurricane. The IAM will mobilize disaster relief efforts and employee assistance to aid IAM members in need and work with IAM-represented employers in the region to ensure that all employees are treated fairly during this event. Our hearts go out to those who have lost family members, friends and property due this the storm and we will be right by your side every step of the way.”

IAM members who have suffered a loss, please contact your local lodge representatives for more information regarding the IAM’s disaster relief program.

Click the following link for more information on the IAM’s disaster relief program and to donate to aid IAM sisters and brothers in need:…/disaster-…/iam-disaster-relief-fund/

Fairness. It’s a Thing.


When we reach max duty, the door slams and we’re forced to continue.
When pilots time out, they pull back to the gate and deplane for legal rest.

If we walk, we’re on hold for hours, made to feel we’ve done Atlanta wrong.
Pilots are snuggled in bed without shame.

We’re coughed, sneezed, and vomited on, with 56 hours of annual paid personal time.
They negotiated 270 hours of sick time, reflecting the risks of working in a test tube.

When we’re injured at work, we’re forced to exhaust precious PPT.
They get 90 days of paid accident leave before anyone touches their sick bank.

We need random doctor’s notes on unpaid holidays like Labor Day. (Irony, much?)
They don’t need an excuse for the first 100 sick hours used.

Pilots earned their legitimacy through union activism, lobbying, and measured negotiations, not through hoping, wishing, and endless “anonymous” surveys.

Life isn’t always fair, but it’s infinitely better with a respected contract.

Renew your card and your commitment. Our time has come.

IAM the Brand.
IAM the Future.
IAM Delta.

Opportunity. It’s a Thing.

"I wish I had less control of my schedule,” said no Delta Flight Attendant, ever.

Management makes every decision for us now, and has all the power and privilege in our workplace.

We have the opportunity to take control of our work/life balance during Delta’s boom years.

We will design our OWN set of rules, tailored to protect our schedule flexibility, guarantee our pay and benefits, make our workdays more productive, reduce injuries, and provide clear, fair disciplinary practices.

Opportunity awaits. Let’s seize it before the next clear air IROP.

Renew your card and your commitment.

Our time has come.

IAM the Brand.
IAM the Future.
IAM Delta.   

Respect. It’s a Thing.


Hired and trained to be the best in the business, the envy of the industry, the "Delta Difference."
Berated and blamed for injuries, illness, complaints, delays, incidents, inefficiencies, and ingratitude.
Big Love? Not feeling it.
Renew your card and your commitment. Our time has come.
IAM the Brand.
IAM the Future.
IAM Delta.                                                                                                                     

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