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Delta Flight Attendant Spencer Hayes on Need for IAM Representation

Delta Fight Attendant and IAM Atlanta base lead Spencer Hayes recently visited IAM Headquarters to record a video in support of the IAM-Delta Flight Attendant campaign. Spencer thoughtfully talked about a number of issues Delta Flight Attendants face daily, and why they need IAM union representation.
In addition to shooting the video, Spencer was given a tour of headquarters, visiting different departments and seeing firsthand the various resources the IAM has to offer.


The IAM-Delta organizing campaigns last week held a rally in Minnesota that drew approximately 200 participants from around the country. The standing room only rally united Delta workers from all classifications- flight attendants, ramp, customer service and mechanics.

Delta workers spoke passionately about their need for IAM representation, including flight attendants Tammy Rustad and Bob Cannatelli who gave rousing personal speeches.

Congresswoman Betty McCollum also spoke, lending her support to all IAM-Delta campaigns. Other AFL-CIO affiliate union members were present as well, backing all Delta workers.

Fifteen IAM staff members attended the event along with volunteer organizers from other IAM-represented airlines. IAM representatives again expressed the full support of the world’s largest airline union.

The rally was a tremendous success, further unifying all Delta workers' quest for IAM representation.


I AM ready for change.

I AM ready to have a voice and to be able to enjoy my job again.

I AM ready to put my foot down on the issues that matter most to me.

I have read endless stories about why we need a union. I’ve been through endless reroutes and IROPs where I am abused and completely knocked out by the end of an extended duty day.

I AM ready for new hires to not be scared of coming out of training because while in training they were bullied to believe certain things.

I AM ready for everyone to have the same rules that we all must follow; managers, flight attendants, scheduling.... EVERYONE.

I want THE IAM because when I came out of training I almost lost my job to a disability that I had previously disclosed with DL prior to them hiring me.

I want THE IAM because for the first year that I was on the line I didn’t have anyone who had my back during my treatments and endless doctors' appointments. These appointments were made months in advance and I could not reschedule. I was told good luck, get someone to pick them up or swap your days.

How do you want me to do that when we are scheduled 85 hours or more?

How can I give a trip away when we are all overworked with no rest? We do not receive concern or care from the higher-ups.

Cancer doesn’t just stop because you couldn’t give your trip away.

I want a Voice.

I want to feel Safe in a career I chose and love dearly.

I AM ready for DL to be different.

I AM ready for us to all be one.




Honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, servant leadership. Delta’s core values are supposed to be what separates us from the competition.

Upper management breaks these “rules of the road” daily.

No sick time. Punishment for illness, for sudden life incidences, for simply being human. “Gray area” work rules and policies. On hold with scheduling for hours until being mysteriously disconnected. Crew tracking not tracking crews, who end up sleeping on floors and in hotel lobbies. Being flown into off days, just because.

Retirement that forces you to continue working to make up for a company-mandated offset. Profit sharing withheld because of whatever excuse management invents that year.

All of this affecting thousands of flight attendants!

I’ve worked for Delta in different departments since 2009. It is an amazing company, but has some serious transparency issues that need fixing. I want the IAM to help us achieve accountability with a premier contract.

Management holds us accountable to its rules. Who holds scheduling accountable when they make up stories to fly us illegally? Who holds management accountable when they bend rules to protect the operation? Who holds the company accountable when our rights are violated?

We have more aircraft in our fleet than any other carrier, but we are not paid the most. How is that fair? We are told we’re a valued part of what makes this company great, so we should be treated accordingly.

Until we are protected by the power of an IAM contract, we are just another airline, employee number and seniority number. Only with an IAM contract can we say that our rules of the road separate us from the others. Only then can we call ourselves the world’s greatest. IAM ready to get started!



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