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Delta Flight Attendant Bob Cannatelli on Need for IAM Representation



Transportation GVP Sito Pantoja, left, welcomes Delta Flight Attendant Bob Cannatelli, right, to IAM Headquarters.

Delta Fight Attendant and IAM Activist Bob Cannatelli recently visited IAM Headquarters to make a video in support of the IAM-Delta Flight Attendant campaign. Bob eloquently spoke about a number of issues Delta Flight Attendants face daily, and why they need IAM union representation.

Upon his arrival at headquarters, Bob was greeted by Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja who reaffirmed the IAM's full commitment to the IAM-Delta Flight Attendant campaign.

In addition to shooting the video, Bob was given a tour of headquarters, visiting different departments and seeing firsthand the various resources the IAM has to offer.

IAM Stakes Its Flag in Atlanta

As Delta workers in Atlanta make their way to and from work, they'll get another reminder that they have the commitment of the world’s largest and strongest airline union, the IAM.

The IAM last week put up a billboard near the Camp Creek Parkway and I-85 southbound exit, reaffirming their support for all Delta workers across the country to gain union representation by signing an IAM election authorization card.

The IAM was formed in Atlanta, GA, in 1888, after 19 machinists met in a locomotive pit and voted to form a trade union that would prevent wage cuts and ensure against job cuts.



I want someone whose vested interest is in me, as a flight attendant, and not just in numbers or the bottom line.

I have been abused and threatened by management, “If you try to challenge this, you’ll make things much worse for yourself.”

They are looking out for their own jobs, so who is going to defend ME when I need help?

With a work group of over 23,000 flight attendants, we need unifying rules, enforced regulations, and accountability for the overseeing corporation.

How else can we be taken seriously?

I want the protection and security that our colleagues at other airlines enjoy.

A contract will give us that.

We work hard, we deliver, we are worth it!

The wool has been lifted from our eyes.

It’s time to exercise our freedom and vote!

Why do you want a union?



I want a union so Delta Flight Attendants have black and white work rules that are set in stone.

We are one of the industry’s leading airlines, but are treated like a low cost carrier.

We are underpaid, understaffed, overworked and, most importantly, underappreciated.

We are the face of Delta, but have terrible health coverage.

We have more IROPS than normal days.

All of our “work rules” change when their “system” feels like changing it.

They no longer care about us, and we aren’t a family.

I want a union for everyone, so we have a voice, so we are safe from all of these “work rule changes” and “system needs.”

I want a union to have a VOICE!

Why do you want a union?


Isn’t Clarity a Good Thing?

Many new hire flight attendants are asking about defined work-rules and they are being told that having too many published work rules can hurt flight attendants. Wrong.

Clearly defined work-rules provide ALL flight attendants, whether newly hired or our most senior colleagues, with certainty, fair treatment and accountability from management. Without a legally binding contract, we have no work-rules. The truth is, management can change or modify any “rule” or benefit we currently have without our agreement and we have absolutely no recourse.

To have enforceable work-rules, we need to have a contract that obligates management to follow the procedures and policies that both Delta flight attendants and Delta management mutually agree to. Just as Delta pilots and almost every other flight attendant in the US airline industry.

Before we can negotiate a contract, we need to get and then win a vote for IAM representation. Sign your card today if you care about having clearly defined work rules that apply fairly and equally to all flight attendants.

If you don’t have an a-card handy, please click the following link and request one by filling out the online form and IAM Delta will mail a card out to you. Thanks!


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