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questions-and-answers1Please visit this page often as it will be updated regularly with answers to questions that Delta Flight Attendants may have regarding our new A-cards, the "self-verification" system and other issues/questions that may arise.

How are the new A-cards different than the cards we signed previously?

The new A-cards have a randomly generated sequence number that is unique to each Delta Flight Attendant with a detachable stub that also has the sequence number imprinted for your records. Only you and the IAM will ever know what your sequence number is. Based on the sequence number of your A-card, the IAM will be able to prove to the National Mediation Board (NMB), if necessary, the origin of your card. If any other non-sequenced card is received by the IAM in your name, the IAM will immediately contact you to verify.

What is “self-verification,” and how can I “self-verify”?

Once you sign, date and mail your new A-card—postage paid—you will have the option to self-verify. All you need to do is send an email to and state that you signed A-card # (insert sequence number). If you choose, you can also attach a photo of your A-card stub to the email and/or a photo of any type of other identification that you feel comfortable sharing. This will add another layer of information that will connect you with your new A-card when we again file for an election with the NMB.

Will the new process make a difference?

Absolutely. Not only will the IAM be able to trace each A-card by its sequence number—remember, only you and the IAM will ever know your sequence number—but the self-verification step—if taken—will add another layer of information that will connect you to your A-card.

What will happen with my information once I self-verify?

When the IAM receives your self-verification email, your email, and any attachments (photos of your stub and/or identification), will be printed out and attached to your A-card when it arrives at IAM Headquarters. Your A-card, verification email and any other attachments will be filed securely at IAM Headquarters and then submitted with your A-card to the NMB when we again file for our election.

What if I don’t have access to a computer or just don’t know how to attach files and photos to an email to complete the self-verification procedure?

If you do not have the wherewithal to self-verify electronically, you can simply mail a signed statement that you signed A-card # (insert sequence number) and include a photocopy of your A-card stub and/or photocopies of any identification you choose to include to:

IAMAW Transportation Department

9000 Machinists Place, RM 118-B

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

How many A-cards are needed to file for our election again?

At least 50 percent of all Delta Flight Attendants must sign a new A-card to file for election. The good news is, if every Delta Flight Attendant that previously signed an A-card signs a new A-card, and those Delta Flight Attendants we know would have voted yes for IAM representation signs an A-card now, Delta Flight Attendants will achieve the required 50 percent easily.

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