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NMB Dismisses Case

Earlier we communicated to you the IAM’s decision to withdraw our current application to represent the Flight Attendants of Delta Air Lines due to the unfortunate discovery that a number of questionable cards had made our showing of interest borderline. As we explained, withdrawing our application instead of awaiting a final determination from the National Mediation Board (“NMB”), which could take many, many months given the agency’s slow pace, provided the best opportunity to secure union representation for Delta’s Flight Attendants as quickly as possible. The NMB has now issued a dismissal based upon our notice of withdrawal. However, in addition, the NMB has sent a letter both to Delta and the IAM advising that it will refer this matter to the United States Department of Justice for further review.

The IAM more than anyone else wants to know who is responsible for the submission of faulty cards, and what measures can be taken to ensure that this and other representation campaigns cannot be similarly disrupted in the future. Our organizing drive to obtain economic justice for Delta Flight Attendants will continue and we will keep you apprised of developments.

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One Response to "NMB Dismisses Case"

  • Lisa Gilbertson
    May 20, 2017 - 5:23 am Reply

    We are entitled to representation. I went to the Purser program several years ago and I was called into a meeting with two Inflight Service Managers before I left for Purser training. I was asked: “why do you want to be a Purser when you are pro-union? WOW, I left for Atlanta feeling like I had a knife in my back!. I was so sickened by this matter!!! I just wanted to throw up. Instead, I decided I would show the firm that I could be the best Purser/Service Leader for our MSP base. When I work the Purser A position, I never question the Purser B regarding service standards. There needs to be respect between the Purser A and Purser B position! Hello TC: I love you but you need to back off and respect the Purser B. Position. Micromanaging the entire flight is not acceptable. We know our job!!!!!!!!!!

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